Dive o’clock is an online business for SCUBA diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Visitors can learn about and compare different dive destinations, marine life species and dive education with a strong focus on conservation. For recreational dive professionals there is a PRO section on the website with a search engine for dive instructor courses to connect students and teachers.


Dive o'clock's vision is to spread the love for the underwater world in order to protect it. The company’s mission is to inspire and motivate people in the field of dive travel, education and conservation through their website, email and social media channels.

Marlies Wolters, owner of Dive o’clock, is a passionate and experienced dive instructor with over 1500 dives. She has been travelling around the world full time over the last years to explore the best dive locations and to share her passion and knowledge with her readers and followers.

With extensive management experience as well as degrees in Leisure Management and International Business she is also an expert regarding helping SCUBA businesses to grow their businesses. By consulting in the broad field of online presentation focused on this niche expertise in customer experience and analyses, social media management, web design, photo editing / graphic design and more is shared.

From 2018 onward Dive o’clock will operate as a tour operator offering special dive holidays for groups and individuals. With this step Dive o’clock will become a one-stop-shop for divers and snorkelers around the globe.

“It’s dive o’clock somewhere!”


About Marlies

My diving adventure started with a try dive in a swimming pool in The Netherlands, about 10 years ago. I just loved the feeling of being weightless underwater! After the first 100 dives in the cold and often murky waters in The Netherlands I got my first 'proper' clear and warm water dive around Mallorca (Spain) - that was the tipping point - my passion was born! Course after course I followed to become a divemaster to be able to work abroad in tropical water with colorful coral reefs! Hawaii, Thailand, Maldives, The Philippines and Indonesia are countries where I worked as a dive professional. On the other hand I still love diving and teaching in The Netherlands as well. My mission is to inspire and empower people about marine conservation through education and recreation.

What I can Offer You

After diving with and working for various dive centers around the world I have a lot of experience and knowledge to grow your business. By visiting and in-depth reviewing your business, I can promote your dive center, dive resort, dive trips, liveaboard, dive safaris and other tours. By analyzing your website and/or social media channels, I will be able to spot opportunities from a consumer and professional standpoint. Generate more leads, convert leads into sales and get more followers on social media. Email me at marlies@diveoclock.com for more info.



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