Travel Mexico Baja California
Sea Lions & Whale Shark Trips in Mexico!

Join an exclusive dive and snorkel trip along the West coast of Mexico with a marine biologist. Get involved in whale shark conservation while snorkeling with them, dive with sea lions and maybe even see dolphins and rays while a marine biologist explains you all about marine life and conservation in this unique area. Experience the wild side of Mexico.

The Platform for Aspiring Dive Professionals

Are you thinking of becoming a Divemaster or Dive Instructor? Looking or a dive course to boost your resume? Have a look at all your options around the world!

 Blog Free Online Dive Education
Free Online Dive Education & Fun

Staying at home due to COVID-19? Spend your time useful and learn more about SCUBA diving, marine biology and marine life species from home. We have listed awesome courses, videos and training materials for you to download. From hilarious marine life videos to very serious ecology classes - Pick your favourite. Stay home, stay safe!

 Asia Taiwan Green Island
Green Island - Lyudao - SCUBA Diving in Taiwan

If you think Taiwan is an interesting country to visit, wait until you put your head underwater. With crystal clear waters, coral reefs that easily go down to 30 m / 100 ft and dramatic seascapes Green Island (Lyudao) is a must visit for freedivers and SCUBA divers in Taiwan.

 Asia Indonesia Manado
North Sulawesi Diving - Spectacular Manado, Bunaken & Lembeh

How about stunning wall dives, weird creatures in the sand and mangrove diving in between? It is all possible when you go to North Sulawesi for your dive holiday! Tips for planning your trip and why you should choose Thalassa Dive Resorts Indonesia for your stay in Manado and Lembeh.

 Asia Indonesia Sulawesi Manado
Things to do in Manado, North Sulawesi - Indonesia

If you are planning to SCUBA dive at Lembeh, Bunaken and/or Bangka you might be thinking of spending some time in Manado. Find out other things to do in Manado and North Sulawesi, the best bars & restaurants and where to stay on a budget. (Updated December 2019)

 Asia Philippines Anilao Nudibranchs
100 Stunning Nudibranchs of Anilao - Nudibranch Capital of The World

Have a look at photos from all kinds of nudibranchs, other sea slugs and marine snails you can spot while SCUBA diving around Anilao, Batangas. The nudibranch capital of the world at its full glory! Learn the basics and identify nudibranchs you have seen in Anilao with this list and underwater photos.

 Asia Philippines Anilao
Amazingly Awesome Anilao - Triple-A Diving in The Philippines

Hairy crab, ghostpipefish, candy crab, pygmy seahorse, flamboyant cuttlefish, frog fish, whip coral shrimp, ribbon eels - if any of those stunning creatures is on your list - book your SCUBA dive trip to Anilao now! Find them in between all the nudibranchs as Anilao is the nudibranchs capital of the world!

 Blog Reef Safe Sunscreen
Reef Safe Sunscreen Explained

There is a growing interest in coral reef safe sunscreen. Various cosmetic brands advertise their products as reef safe, but what is reef safe actually? Is it saving the reef? Does reef safe sunscreen protect you from getting skin cancer the same way as 'normal' sunscreen? These and many more questions answered.

 Asia Thailand Pattaya
Wreck Diving around Pattaya, Thailand

Did you know Pattaya is the wreck diving destination of Thailand? Even if you do not like wreck diving, this is where you will find schools of fish and countless marine life species! Discover the wrecks of the Pattaya's near and far islands by day trip.

 Asia Thailand Ko Si Chang To Do
Ko Si Chang - 3 Things To Do for Ocean Lovers

The island closest to Bangkok is Ko Si Chang or Koh Sichang. It's tropical, has coral reefs and still has an authentic Thai island vibe. Ocean lovers, SCUBA divers and snorkelers should not miss these 3 things to do on Ko Si Chang!

 Asia Thailand Ko Si Chang Scuba Diving
Ko Si Chang - SCUBA Diving and Marine Conservation Close to Bangkok

Ko Si Chang is the place to go if you want to squeeze in a day of local Thai vibes and SCUBA diving before you leave Thailand. Visit coral reefs in the making supported by the DMCR (Department of Marine and Coastal Resources), enjoy the anemone gardens and search for nudibranch at Hin Sampayu.

 Africa Middle East Egypt El Quseir
50 Images of SCUBA Diving around El Quseir, Marsa Alam, South of Egypt

The South of Egypt is popular for experienced SCUBA divers due to its incredible marine life just off-shore and stunning dive sites like Elphinstone reef reachable by boat during a day trip. Luckily this SCUBA diving area is easy to reach and getting more and more affordable. The El Quseir area offers dense coral cover and larger marine life like dugongs, dolphins, turtles and rays. Discover diving around El Quseir in 50 photos and get lots of tips for your next dive vacation.

 Africa Middle East Egypt Luxor
Exploring Luxor From Marsa Alam, Ancient Egypt

Looking for something to do when you need to off-gas? Maybe not everybody is diving or just not diving every day? Book a trip to Luxor and explore the Valley Of The Kings (three tombs), Karnak Temple, Al-Deir Al-Bahari Temple (Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut), a Nile cruise and more. Learn a lot about Egypt of the past, today and the future by leaving your resort and jumping in this surface interval adventure from Marsa Alam or El Quseir!

 Europe Netherlands Zeeland
Holland SCUBA Diving - Tips For Relaxed Shore Diving in Zeeland

Shore diving in The Netherlands, Europe. It is less tropical as the Dutch Caribbean and you might need two wetsuits - but is it fun and the marine diversity as well as the quantity might just blow your mind. Get ready to explore Dutch diving, including climbing dikes with cows!

 Blog Fishing Net Carpet Tile
Recycling Old Fishing Nets Into Beautiful Carpet Tile

For World Oceans Day 2019 we partnered up with Interface to explain you all about Net-Works, a program to turn fishing nets into high design carpet tile while helping local communities. Continue reading to learn more about this program supporting less plastic and more fish in our oceans!

 Blog How Its Made Dive Gear
How It's Made Dive Gear Videos

Curious about how SCUBA diving gear is made? We have listed some detailed videos of how dive equipment is created step-by-step. Discover how SCUBA masks and fins, dive computers, regulators, BCDs, dive tanks, underwater housings, SCUBA diving lights and wetsuits are made in 8 videos.

 Asia Japan Izu
Izu Oceanic Park - Tips For Relaxed Diving at This Awesome Spot in Japan

With easy access from Tokyo it is no surprise the famous Izu peninsula and Izu islands are a hot spot for SCUBA diving lovers. With a high marine diversity reachable by shore diving you can expect busy days. SCUBA Diving at Izu Oceanic Park, often mentioned as THE BEST of Izu, and how to avoid the crowds!

 Asia Japan Fuji
Fuji Five Lakes - SCUBA Diving Japan's Haunted Mansion

The scenic Fuji Five Lakes area holds breathtaking sceneries of Mount Fuji. Why conquer the mountain if you can explore it's depths?! Let's SCUBA Dive in one of the Fuji Five Lakes. From volcanic rock formations to a spooky dive area that looks like straight from a horror movie and if you like Japanese folklore, try to find Mossy - the lake monster of Lake Motosu.

 Asia Japan Ama
Ama Women Divers of Japan - Where to See & Explore this Culture

The ama 'women divers' have been around for 3000 to 5000 years. While skin diving (free diving) these women collect seafood and pearl oysters. You can experience this hoped-for UNESCO intangible cultural heritage at various places, pick your favourite or visit them all.

 Asia Japan Shikoku
Exploring Japan's Shikoku Region Below The Surface

Shikoku island is all about exploring nature. From stunning hidden valleys and seemingly endless mountain ranges to rugged Pacific coastlines with natural whirlpools. Time to see what's hidden beneath the waves.

 Asia Japan Fukuoka
Fukuoka SCUBA Diving in Japan

Fukuoka is one of the major cities of Japan although it is not on the list of many tourists. It's more local and personal, just like SCUBA diving around here. Experience local culture, learn some Japanese and a bit of glamping!

 Asia Japan Ishigaki
Ishigaki SCUBA Diving with Manta Rays, Okinawa - Japan

Tropical Japan in the far South offers undiscovered paradise, stunning beach escapes and turquoise blue waters. Maybe you have heard of Okinawa as a popular dive and holiday destination, but there are countless more remote islands to discover above and below. Ishigaki 'Manta island' and it's coral reef reviewed by a pro.

 Asia South Korea K26
K-26 in South Korea - Explore Asia's Deepest Diving Pool

Do you think swimming pools are boring and only for training dives? Think again! Some swimming pools are deep enough to log as a real dive. In South Korea there is even a pool that goes down to 26 meters / 85 feet. Fun diving in the deepest swimming pool of Asia: K-26!

 Asia South Korea Sokcho
Sokcho SCUBA Diving - Mission Impossible in South Korea

South Korea's East coast is the most popular dive area as it's only a few hours driving from Seoul. While on a mission to dive all the coasts of South Korea this SCUBA diving area turned out to be another mission impossible - even in high season. Finally I succeeded - but was it worth it?

 Asia South Korea Crab Farm
Terra Crab Farm In Sokcho - Gotta Love The Smiling Crabs!

The name crab farm might raise an eyebrow but in this case it does not represent farming crabs for eating. This is an ecology experience center where you can learn all about the local crabs in a beautiful facility build with love from recycled materials by a local Hwangto artist.

 Blog Period
Everything you Need to Know about Diving on your Period

You’ve planned that big scuba vacation and have been looking forward to it for months. The flights are booked, the hotel is paid for, and the liveaboard has been arranged. There’s just one problem. You realize that you’re going to have your period. Is it disaster? Or, can you scuba dive while on your period? Keep on reading to find out all the details you need to know about diving on your period.

 Blog Sustainable Hacks Women
Five Sustainable Life Hacks for Women That Save Money

Sea Sisters, let's do it! Discover how you can live and travel to your next dive destination in a more sustainable way. Reduce your carbon footprint, plastic and fresh water waste with these money saving solutions. Watch those videos and Make Waves for Our Oceans!

 Asia South Korea Haenyeo
Haenyeo - Seeing the Incredible Women Divers of Jeju Island - South Korea!

The Haenyeo (women divers), some in their 80s, dive to collect seaweed, shellfish and other seafood in a unique way (Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO). You can still see some of these sea mermaids 'at work' and learn all about their history and culture in the Haenyeo museum on Jeju island. Continue reading for impressive facts and practical information.

 World 2018
Best Places to Go Diving in 2018

Divers know the thrill of exploring a new world below! With so much big blue ocean to see, where do you even begin? Whether you’re an experienced diver or you’re just getting started, these are the best places to go diving in 2018!

 Asia South Korea Jeju
Jeju Island - The Best Diving of South Korea!

South Korea's favourite holiday destination and one of the new 7 wonders of nature has a great adventure for you down below the surface. With possible strong currents, not the best visibility and some rock climbing involved - it is not for the faint hearted - but definitely a MUST DO experience in many ways!

 Blog Zero To Hero
Zero-to-Hero in SCUBA diving - Pros & Cons

From a non-diver doing your first try-dive to becoming a SCUBA dive professional, all is possible within a year. There are advantages and disadvantages regarding doing all your dive courses up to divemaster or even dive instructor in one-go. These are a few of the most-heard pros and cons divemaster trainees encounter.

 Blog Binbagchallenge
The #binbagchallenge - Are You Ready to Show Your Love for The Ocean by Accepting this Challenge Today?

When was the last time you saw a beach without trash, went diving without seeing plastic underwater or walked a street without cigarette butts? Unless you live in a place where others get paid to clean-up after you, you are likely to have seen this (fast growing) problem. Now here is the good news: With the #binbagchallenge you can be part of the tipping point. Let's go viral for our oceans!

 Blog IDC
PADI IDC – The Ultimate Guide to Become a Dive Instructor

Do you love SCUBA diving so much that you want to take it to a professional level? That is awesome! Now you 'just' need to find the best dive instructor course offer. Where to get started as there are many options available? This guide will help you find the best offer for you!

 Caribbean Bestof
Top 5 Caribbean Dive Spots

If you are looking for great dive spots in the Caribbean - do not look any further. These five locations should be on your dive bucket list for the Lesser Antilles, the Eastern and Southern islands of the Caribbean.

 Quiz 23 Sharks
SCUBA QUIZ: What Do You Know About Sharks?

Have you ever seen a shark while diving? They are magnificent creatures, on top of the marine food chain and unfortunately often misunderstood. Test your knowledge about sharks and see if you can answer these 10 questions right!

 Quiz 22 Movies
SCUBA QUIZ: Do You Recognize These Movies?

Are you a fan of dive related movies and documentaries about our oceans? Have you seen a few? Test your knowledge about SCUBA diving movies by guessing the right names!

 Europe Spain Underwater Archaeology
Cartagena Must See: The National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (Spain)

Do you like history and diving? Than this is a must visit when you are in the Murcia area of Spain. The ARQVA or Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática offers treasures found underwater from up to 2500 years ago. From amulets of the Roman world to golden snuff boxes... explore it all.

 Blog Confessions
5 Funny Confessions of a Dive Instructor!

Sometimes I think I know everything. Quite often that is right before I realize I still have a lot to learn. Time for some hilarious confessions of a dive instructor. Laugh and Learn!

 Europe Spain Cala Cortina
Cala Cortina - The Best Dive Spot of Cartagena (Spain)

Close to the harbor of the incredible historic city of Cartagena, at a popular weekend spot for locals, you can snorkel and dive. Cala Cortina offers easy shore diving with mesmerizing sea breams, you can look for critters and flounders in the sand and see if you can spot fish that cause hallucinations when eaten.

 Europe Spain Islas Hormigas
Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve - Top Mediterranean Dive Spot (Spain)

Arguably this is one of the best dive areas of Europe, for sure the best of Spain. This spot has wrecks, deep drop offs, exciting underwater pinnacles and large quantities of fish and mammals including Mola Mola's. Islas Hormigas marine park, or the Cabo de Palos / La Manga area in Murcia, has it all.

 Quiz 21 Age
SCUBA QUIZ: What Is The Oldest Fish?

The age of fish, especially of those we eat, is important for keeping a population healthy. Do you have any idea how you can guess their age? Try this quiz and discover how old various fish species get.

 Blog TDI Advanced Nitrox
Can You Have Fun While Learning Technical Diving?

It took me a year after my Intro to Tech to finally do my first technical diving course. As I never had the interest of diving deep or with a lot of gear it was a different but wonderful experience. I was surprised how much I liked it. Discover why.

 Quiz 20 Coral ID
SCUBA QUIZ: Can You ID these Coral Species?

Do you think you know something about corals? Test your knowledge and impress your dive buddies! No need for scientific names, this quiz is easy and fun!

 Blog Gift Ideas Women
25 Awesome SCUBA Gifts for Women!

Looking for something dive-related to give a woman? Twenty-five ideas for when diving, at home and to share the love for SCUBA diving. Find Birthday presents, Christmas gifts or something to thank that special person!

 Blog Crossover
How Do You Crossover from PADI to SSI?

Switching dive organizations can be very beneficial for a dive instructor or dive center. It can bring challenges that may work out great or the other way around. The story of a crossover of a dive center explained!

 Quiz 19 Depths
SCUBA QUIZ: How Deep Can You Go?

How deep is the ocean? How deep can light penetrate in the ocean? How deep has a human ever been in the ocean? Can you guess the right depths of these and other questions in this quiz?

 Blog Regulator Rinsing
How to Rinse your Regulator - 10 Tips

There are some things you should and definitely should not do when rinsing your regulator. A regulator is often the most expensive part of a dive equipment set. Taking good care of it obviously extends the lifespan but it also can prevent unnecessary repairs or malfunctions.

 Latin America Mexico La Paz Sea Lions
La Paz - Dive with Sea Lions (Mexico)

If you are looking for cuteness overload, go snorkeling or SCUBA diving with sea lions. They are incredibly playful and curious like a puppy. In Mexico you can dive with them in warm water, no dry suit needed.

 Latin America Mexico Cabo Pulmo
Cabo Pulmo - Incredible Diving in the Sea of Cortez (Mexico)

Do you want a truly unique dive experience off the beaten track? Make sure to visit the hidden gem Cabo Pulmo. It is no surprise marine biologists, oceanographers and film makers like to come here. The story of this fisherman's village is incredible and the diving is mind blowing.

 Latin America Mexico San Jose Del Cabo Gordo Banks
Los Cabos - Dive with Fascinating Hammerhead Sharks at Gordo Banks (Mexico)

There are a few places in the world where you can go on a scheduled hammerhead shark dive. Along the West coast of Mexico you have several options to spot these magnificent creatures, with a day trip or liveaboard. Mission Hammerhead Sharks: ON!

 Latin America Mexico La Paz Whale Museum
La Paz - Explore The Whale Museum of Mexico!

Right in the South of the Baja California, where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet, whales, sharks and dolphins are often seen. La Paz, the capital of this area, even has a whale museum (Museo de la Ballena) to learn more about the giants of the sea. A must do for divers and snorkelers!

 Quiz 18 Decompression Illness
SCUBA QUIZ: What is Decompression Illness?

One of the risks involved with diving under pressure is decompression illness. There are two diseases related to decompression illness: Decompression sickness and arterial gas embolism. Can you separate the two in this quiz?

 Caribbean Mexico Cozumel
Cozumel - Great Dive Sites for Experienced Divers (Mexico)

With countless dive sites, even separate dive areas and some impressive seasonal marine life creatures it might take a bit of planning when you are coming to Cozumel. When looking for the 'better' dive sites for experienced divers around Cozumel a few things became clear...

 Caribbean Mexico IslaMujeres
Isla Mujeres - The Best Dive Sites for Experienced Divers (Mexico)

Isla Mujeres might not be the most famous dive area in the Yucatan area, but there are some great dive sites around for sure! How about diving with eagle rays in the current or World War 2 wreck diving?

 Blog Exciting Jobs
5 Exciting Jobs as a Dive Instructor!

Are you still thinking about taking the leap to become a dive instructor? Or maybe you are a dive instructor and ask yourself something like 'What do I do after my career in the water?'

 Quiz 17 World Records
SCUBA QUIZ: What are The SCUBA World Records?

Some people have made it to the Guinness Book of World Records while SCUBA Diving. Can you guess the right numbers to these impressive underwater performances?

 Caribbean Mexico WhaleSharks
Isla Mujeres - Snorkeling with Countless Whale Sharks (Mexico)

How about swimming with a whale shark up close? How about swimming with a few hundred? It is totally possible in Mexico. The highest number of Whale sharks in the world can be spotted off the coast of Mexico.

 Quiz 16 Chasing Coral
SCUBA QUIZ: How Fast are Corals Dying?

Chasing coral is a recently released Netflix documentary about the rate that coral reefs are vanishing around the world. This quiz tests how much you know about coral reefs!

 Blog DIR
Ever Heard of DIR Diving? 10 Assumptions Explained

The abbreviation DIR stands for Do It Right but what is DIR diving exactly? Is it technical diving? Is it breaking safety standards? Time to ask some DIR diving professionals

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