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 Blog WINNER Diveoclock2000
Announcing the WINNER of the SCUBA Tank Water Bottle!

Dive o'clock has reached 2000 Facebook likes!!! As we are really proud to reach this milestone we give away a reusable water bottle in the shape of a dive tank! Find out who the lucky winner is!

 Blog IDC
PADI IDC – The Ultimate Guide to Become a Dive Instructor!

Do you love SCUBA diving so much that you want to take it to a professional level? That is awesome! Now you 'just' need to find the best dive instructor course offer. Where to get started as there are many options available? This guide will help you find the best offer for you!

 Caribbean Bestof
Top 5 Dive Spots of the Lesser Antilles!

If you are looking for great dive spots in the Caribbean - do not look any further. These five locations should be on your dive bucket list for the Lesser Antilles, the Eastern and Southern islands of the Caribbean!

 Quiz 23 Sharks
SCUBA QUIZ: Shark Facts!

Have you ever seen a shark while diving? They are magnificent creatures, on top of the marine food chain and unfortunately often misunderstood. Test your knowledge about sharks and see if you can answer these 10 questions right!

 Quiz 22 Movies
SCUBA QUIZ: SCUBA Diving Movies!

Are you a fan of dive related movies and documentaries about our oceans? Have you seen a few? Test your knowledge about SCUBA diving movies by guessing the right names!

 Europe Spain Underwater Archaeology
Visiting the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology!

If you like history and diving, this is a must visit if you are in the Murcia area of Spain! The ARQVA or Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática offers treasures found underwater from up to 2500 years ago! From amulets of the Roman world to golden snuff boxes... explore it!

 Blog Confessions
5 Confessions of a Dive Instructor!

Have you noticed how some divers always seem to know best? In Facebook groups or at diving boats discussions often run high. Many divers want to share their knowledge and experience in a way there is no room for other opinions. So in contrary, let me share five hilarious things I have learned this year - time for some confessions of a dive instructor!

 Europe Spain Cala Cortina
SCUBA Diving at Cala Cortina - Cartagena, Spain!

Cartagena is such an incredible historic city in Spain you probably schedule a visit when you are in the area. Close to the harbour, at a popular spot for locals in during the weekend, you can snorkel and dive with shoals of fish and look for small critters in the shallows.

 Europe Spain Islas Hormigas
The Mediterranean Sea at its Best: Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve!

Arguably this is one of the best dive areas of Europe, for sure the best of Spain. This spot has wrecks, deep drop offs, exciting underwater pinnacles and large quantities of fish and mammals including Mola Mola's. Islas Hormigas marine park, or the Cabo de Palos / La Manga area in Murcia, has it all.

 Quiz 21 Age
SCUBA QUIZ: The Age of Fish!

Do you have any idea how old fish get? There are quite some differences between the fish we can spot during our dives. Can you guess the maximum age of all the species in this quiz?

 Blog TDI Advanced Nitrox
Having Fun while Learning Technical Diving!

Exactly one year after my intro to tech I finally took the chance to officially enter the world of technical diving with TDI. As I never had the interest of diving deep or with a lot of gear it was a different and wonderful experience. Doing a dive course with another dive organization as well as being the student instead of the instructor was even more exhilarating...

 Quiz 20 Coral ID
SCUBA QUIZ: Identify these Coral Species!

Do you think you know something about corals? Test your knowledge and impress your dive buddies! No need for scientific names, easy and fun!

 Blog Gift Ideas Women
25 Awesome SCUBA Gifts for Women!

Looking for something dive related to give a women? Twenty-five ideas for when diving, at home and to share the love for SCUBA diving. Find Birthday presents, Christmas gifts or something to thank that special person!

 Blog Crossover
The Experience of a Crossover from PADI to SSI!

Switching from dive organization can be very beneficial for a dive instructor or dive center. It can bring challenges that may work out great or the other way around. The story of a crossover of a dive center explained!

 Quiz 19 Depths
SCUBA QUIZ: Extreme Depths!

How deep is the ocean? How deep can light penetrate in the ocean? How deep has a human ever been in the ocean? Can you guess the right depths of these and other questions in this quiz?

 Blog Regulator Rinsing
10 Tips on How to Rinse your Dive Regulator!

There are some things you should and definitely should not do when rinsing your regulator. A regulator is often the most expensive part of a dive equipment set. Taking good care of it obviously extends the lifespan but it also can prevent unnecessary repairs or malfunctions.

 Latin America Mexico La Paz Sea Lions
SCUBA Diving with Sea Lions in La Paz, Mexico!

If you are looking for cuteness overload, go snorkeling or SCUBA diving with sea lions! They are incredibly playful and curious like a puppy. In Mexico you can dive with them in warm water, no dry suit needed!

 Latin America Mexico Cabo Pulmo
Diving the Jewel of the Sea of Cortez: Cabo Pulmo, Mexico!

If you are looking for a unique dive experience and are willing to go a bit off the beaten track you need to visit this hidden gem. It is no surprise marine biologists, oceanographers and film makers seem to come and go. The story is incredible and the diving is mind blowing.

 Latin America Mexico San Jose Del Cabo Gordo Banks
Dive with Hammerhead Sharks at Gordo Banks, Mexico!

There are a few places in the world where you can go on a scheduled hammerhead shark dive. Along the West coast of Mexico you have several option to spot these magnificent creatures, with a day trip or liveaboard. Mission Hammerhead Sharks: ON!

 Latin America Mexico La Paz Whale Museum
Explore The Whale Museum of La Paz, Mexico!

Right in the South of the Baja California, where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet, whales, sharks and dolphins are often seen. La Paz, the capital of this area, even has a whale museum (Museo de la Ballena) to learn more about the giants of the sea. A must do for divers and snorkelers!

 Quiz 18 Decompression Illness
SCUBA QUIZ: Decompression Illness!

One of the risks involved with diving under pressure is decompression illness. There are two diseases related to decompression illness: Decompression sickness and arterial gas embolism. Can you separate the two in this quiz?

 Caribbean Mexico Cozumel
Advanced Dive Adventures around Cozumel, Mexico!

With countless dive sites, even separate dive areas and some impressive seasonal marine life creatures it might take a bit of planning when you are coming to Cozumel. When looking for the 'better' dive sites for experienced divers around Cozumel a few things became clear...

 Caribbean Mexico IslaMujeres
The Best Dive Sites for Experienced Divers around Isla Mujeres, Mexico!

Isla Mujeres might not be the most famous dive area in the Yucatan area, but there are some great dive sites around for sure! How about schools of fish or World War 2 wreck diving with some current and eagle rays?

 Blog Exciting Jobs
5 Exciting Jobs as a Dive Instructor!

Are you still thinking about taking the leap to become a dive instructor? Or maybe you are a dive instructor and ask yourself something like 'What do I do after my career in the water?'

 Quiz 17 World Records
SCUBA QUIZ: SCUBA World Records!

Some people have made it to the Guinness Book of World Records while SCUBA Diving. Can you guess the right numbers to these impressive underwater performances?

 Caribbean Mexico WhaleSharks
Snorkeling with Whale Sharks around Isla Mujeres, Mexico!

How about swimming with a whale shark up close? Exciting? How about swimming with a few hundred?! It is possible in Mexico! The highest number of Whale sharks in the world can be spotted off the coast of Mexico.

 Quiz 16 Chasing Coral
SCUBA QUIZ: Chasing Coral!

Chasing coral is a recently released Netflix documentary about the rate that coral reefs are vanishing around the world. This quiz tests how much you know about coral reefs!

 Blog DIR
Top 10 Assumptions about DIR diving explained!

Have you ever heard of DIR diving? The abbreviation DIR stands for Do It Right and I thought it was all about being a true rebel when it comes to safety standards. So what is DIR diving exactly? Is it technical diving? Is it a mindset? Time to ask some DIR diving professionals!

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