Learn more about dive education and marine conservation. From how to save money on SCUBA gear to the risks of touching marine life. Various SCUBA dive courses compared and useful information to find the best one for you.

How Far Would You Go to See a Whale Shark in Real Life?

For World Oceans Day 2017 Dive o'clock partnered up with Whale Shark Diaries to explain you all about whale shark tourism through the eyes of a marine biologist! 12 steps to choosing a responsible whale shark tourism operator, good and bad examples and why choosing a responsible company is vital for the future.

Top 10 Assumptions about DIR diving explained!

Have you ever heard of DIR diving? The abbreviation DIR stands for Do It Right and I thought it was all about being a true rebel when it comes to safety standards. So what is DIR diving exactly? Is it technical diving? Is it a mindset? Time to ask some DIR diving professionals!


We are very interested to know more about you in order to improve our services! This survey is part of the graduation research of Krista Pieterse. Krista is studying Bachelor of Economics in Leisure Management at INHOLLAND in Amsterdam. Speak your mind and win SCUBA prizes!

Taking the next step: Intro to Technical Diving!

What is your deepest dive? Going deep is not difficult, but solving problems at those depths is. Extreme diving for beginners and my first attempt with technical diving skills!

5 Awesome Dive & Snorkel Adventures around the World!

Are you looking for some real special dives? How about night diving without a light or helping turtles? No special certification required, just an adventurous mind!

Diving into the History of SCUBA!

If you like SCUBA diving, do not miss out on this museum explaining all about the history of exploring the underwater world!

Visiting a Turtle Hospital in Florida!

Who does not like sea turtles? These slow moving round shaped dudes are so adorable! Right in the middle of the Florida Keys there is a operating turtle hospital for the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sea turtles.

Things to Consider Before Deep Wreck Diving!

Is it safe to dive deep and inside wrecks? The answer is not simple. Things that can go wrong, the limits of different levels of recreational diving and things to know about extra equipment and procedures.

The Risks of Touching Marine Life!

Have you been in the position where your dive guide or buddy showed you something by grabbing it? Picking up a sea cucumber, using a stick to grab an octopus or poking a puffer fish to see how big they can get? Did you wonder if this is good or bad behavior and WHY people always say NOT to touch marine life?

10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Logging Your Dives!

If you are thinking about buying a (new) logbook, creating your own or even if you are considering to stop logging your dives - read this first!

Coral Health Care in Jamaica!

For World Oceans Day 2016 Dive o'clock partnered up with INTASAVE Oceans to explain you all about coral nurseries and coral health care in Jamaica! Learn more about how to adapt to the effects of climate change! Think global - act local!

10 Snorkeling Tips for Your Summer Holiday!

Have you planned a summer holiday? Are you thinking of going snorkeling? Check out these 10 snorkeling tips to have an awesome time in the water!

10 Simple Tips to Save Money on SCUBA Gear!

If you love SCUBA diving and snorkeling you might have bought your own mask, snorkel or maybe even a full SCUBA set. Let me share some of my money savers on SCUBA gear with you! These simple tips can give you a better dive experience!

How to Help Saving The Reef - 10 Easy Ways!

Coral reefs are amazing and they can be incredibly beautiful with countless colors. Unfortunately more and more reefs are being destroyed over the years and it goes fast! 10 easy ways to help saving the reef without changing your whole lifestyle.

5 SCUBA Dive Expressions to Act Like a Pro During Your Holiday!

When you have booked a dive trip and you are preparing for the dive the pre-dive briefing from your dive guide might get you a bit confused when one of these expressions are used! Impress your buddies with these SCUBA expressions!

The 7 Best SCUBA Diving Destinations for Beginners!

Where to start your SCUBA diving adventure? The feeling of being weightless underwater, the numerous wildlife encounters, the amazing colors and the thrill of treasure hunting for a creature you have never seen beforeā€¦ It has something magical, relaxing and adventurous at the same time. It is a different world out there! Are you ready to soak up an amazing experience?

How to Compare Different Dive Destinations!

Valuable information about dive destinations is often hard to get. Seasons, weather and time conditions and migrating marine life create changing circumstances. Your own dive experience is another influencer. With this list it is easy to start comparing information about different dive sites yourself and narrow down your search.

The Experience of SCUBA Diving and Snorkeling!

The feeling of being weightless underwater, the numerous wildlife encounters, the amazing colors and the thrill of treasure hunting for a creature you have never seen before...

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