Learn more about dive education and marine conservation. From how to save money on SCUBA gear to the risks of touching marine life. Various SCUBA dive courses compared and useful information to find the best one for you.

Dive O'Clock Beer on Bonaire!

It's always five o'clock somewhere! Combining divers paradise and draft beer, that can only happen on Bonaire! This hidden gem has got you covered and focuses on being eco-friendly too!

Free Online Dive Education & Fun

Staying at home due to COVID-19? Spend your time useful and learn more about SCUBA diving, marine biology and marine life species from home. We have listed awesome courses, videos and training materials for you to download. From hilarious marine life videos to very serious ecology classes - Pick your favourite. Stay home, stay safe!

Reef Safe Sunscreen Explained

There is a growing interest in coral reef safe sunscreen. Various cosmetic brands advertise their products as reef safe, but what is reef safe actually? Is it saving the reef? Does reef safe sunscreen protect you from getting skin cancer the same way as 'normal' sunscreen? These and many more questions answered!

Recycling Old Fishing Nets Into Beautiful Carpet Tile

For World Oceans Day 2019 we partnered up with Interface to explain you all about Net-Works, a program to turn fishing nets into high design carpet tile while helping local communities. Continue reading to learn more about this program supporting less plastic and more fish in our oceans!

How It's Made Dive Gear Videos

Curious about how SCUBA diving gear is made? We have listed some detailed videos of how dive equipment is created step-by-step. Discover how SCUBA masks and fins, dive computers, regulators, BCDs, dive tanks, underwater housings, SCUBA diving lights and wetsuits are made in 8 videos.

25 Funny Christmas Presents for SCUBA Divers

From Ugly Christmas sweaters especially for SCUBA divers to the most hilarious calendar of 2020. These dive related items are just too funny not to share. Put them on your Christmas list or surprise your dive buddy with one of these items.

50 Inspiring Gifts For SCUBA Divers!

Are you looking for a special gift to give to a SCUBA diver? Maybe a little present for your dive buddy's Birthday or a special thank you after a great dive trip or dive course? As an experienced dive instructor I have listed some of the best marine life books and dive trip accessories divers would love to receive.

Everything you Need to Know about Diving on your Period

You’ve planned that big scuba vacation and have been looking forward to it for months. The flights are booked, the hotel is paid for, and the liveaboard has been arranged. There’s just one problem. You realize that you’re going to have your period. Is it disaster? Or, can you scuba dive while on your period? Keep on reading to find out all the details you need to know about diving on your period.

Five Sustainable Life Hacks for Women That Save Money

Sea Sisters, let's do it! Discover how you can live and travel to your next dive destination in a more sustainable way. Reduce your carbon footprint, plastic and fresh water waste with these money saving solutions. Watch those videos and Make Waves for Our Oceans!

Snorkeling Tips for Your Next Summer Holiday

Sea, sun and sand without a sunburn! Are you excited about your next beach holiday? Have you packed your new bikini and snorkel set yet? Things to consider when packing for your summer holiday plus tips on seeing more fish!

Zero-to-Hero in SCUBA diving - Pros & Cons

From a non-diver doing your first try-dive to becoming a SCUBA dive professional, all is possible within a year. There are advantages and disadvantages regarding doing all your dive courses up to divemaster or even dive instructor in one-go. These are a few of the most-heard pros and cons divemaster trainees encounter.

The #binbagchallenge - Are You Ready to Show Your Love for The Ocean by Accepting this Challenge Today?

When was the last time you saw a beach without trash, went diving without seeing plastic underwater or walked a street without cigarette butts? Unless you live in a place where others get paid to clean-up after you, you are likely to have seen this (fast growing) problem. Now here is the good news: With the #binbagchallenge you can be part of the tipping point. Let's go viral for our oceans!

5 Funny Confessions of a Dive Instructor!

Sometimes I think I know everything. Quite often that is right before I realize I still have a lot to learn. Time for some hilarious confessions of a dive instructor. Laugh and Learn!

Can You Have Fun While Learning Technical Diving?

It took me a year after my Intro to Tech to finally do my first technical diving course. As I never had the interest of diving deep or with a lot of gear it was a different but wonderful experience. I was surprised how much I liked it. Discover why.

How Do You Crossover from PADI to SSI?

Switching dive organizations can be very beneficial for a dive instructor or dive center. It can bring challenges that may work out great or the other way around. The story of a crossover of a dive center explained!

25 Awesome SCUBA Gifts for Women!

Looking for something dive-related to give a woman? Twenty-five ideas for when diving, at home and to share the love for SCUBA diving. Find Birthday presents, Christmas gifts or something to thank that special person!

How to Rinse your Regulator - 10 Tips

There are some things you should and definitely should not do when rinsing your regulator. A regulator is often the most expensive part of a dive equipment set. Taking good care of it obviously extends the lifespan but it also can prevent unnecessary repairs or malfunctions.

5 Exciting Jobs as a Dive Instructor!

Are you still thinking about taking the leap to become a dive instructor? Or maybe you are a dive instructor and ask yourself something like 'What do I do after my career in the water?'

Online Learning for your Dive Instructor Course: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In an era of digitization and gathering information online it is no surprise that even SCUBA diving courses can be done partly online. Various advantages and disadvantages are present, especially when it comes to professional dive courses, like becoming a SCUBA diving instructor. How to find out what is the best option for you?

PADI Course Director’s Perspective: From Divemaster to Instructor

A teachers perspective on the PADI IDC (Instructor Development Course), about good and bad students, the hardest parts and hilarious moments.

PADI IDC – The Ultimate Guide to Become a Dive Instructor!

Are you thinking about becoming a SCUBA dive instructor with PADI? Wondering where to do your do your dive instructor course? Find the best PADI IDC (Instructor Development Course), Course Director, SCUBA diving center and offer for you!

10 Things You Learn After Becoming a SCUBA Dive Instructor

For years I thought being a PADI Divemaster was the perfect way to travel the world and earn money at the same time, until I became a PADI SCUBA Dive instructor. Once certified a new dimension was given to my passion and I found out I still had a lot to learn.

SSI Instructor Trainer Courses: Search & Compare

Are you thinking about becoming a SCUBA dive instructor? Wondering where to do your do your dive instructor course? Find the best SSI ITC (Instructor Trainer Course), Instructor Trainer, SCUBA diving center and offer for you.

Explore the Whale Museum of the Dominican Republic

Every year thousands of Humpback whales migrate through the waters around the Samana peninsula in the Dominican Republic. There is even a special museum where you can learn about these majestic creatures. The huge humpback whale skeleton in the middle of the museum might just blow your mind.

How Far Would You Go to See a Whale Shark?

We partnered up with Whale Shark Diaries to explain you all about whale shark tourism through the eyes of a marine biologist! 12 steps to choosing a responsible operator, good and bad examples and why choosing a responsible company is vital for the future.

Ever Heard of DIR Diving? 10 Assumptions Explained

The abbreviation DIR stands for Do It Right but what is DIR diving exactly? Is it technical diving? Is it breaking safety standards? Time to ask some DIR diving professionals

Taking the next step: Intro to Technical Diving

What is your deepest dive? Going deep is not difficult, but solving problems at those depths is. Extreme diving for beginners and my first attempt with technical diving skills.

5 Awesome Dive & Snorkel Adventures around the World!

Are you looking for some real special dives? How about night diving without a light or helping turtles? No special certification required, just an adventurous mind!

Diving into the Exciting History of SCUBA

If you like SCUBA diving, do not miss out on this museum explaining all about the history of exploring the underwater world.

The Amazing Turtle Hospital in Florida

Who does not like sea turtles? These slow moving round shaped dudes are so adorable. Right in the middle of the Florida Keys there is a operating turtle hospital for the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sea turtles.

Important Things to Consider Before Deep Wreck Diving

Is it safe to dive deep and inside wrecks? The answer is not simple. Things that can go wrong, the limits of different levels of recreational diving and things to know about extra equipment and procedures.

The Risks of Touching Marine Life Explained

Have you been in the position where your dive guide or buddy showed you something by grabbing it? Picking up a sea cucumber, using a stick to grab an octopus or poking a puffer fish to see how big they can get? Did you wonder if this is good or bad behavior and WHY people always say NOT to touch marine life?

10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Logging Your Dives!

If you are thinking about buying a (new) logbook, creating your own or even if you are considering to stop logging your dives - read this first!

Passionate Coral Health Care in Jamaica

We partnered-up with INTASAVE Oceans to explain you all about coral nurseries and coral health care in Jamaica. Learn more about how to adapt to the effects of climate change. Think global - act local!

10 Cool Snorkeling Tips for Your Summer Holiday

Have you planned a summer holiday? Are you thinking of going snorkeling? Check out these 10 snorkeling tips to have an awesome time in the water.

10 Simple Tips to Save Money on SCUBA Gear

If you love SCUBA diving and snorkeling you might have bought your own mask, snorkel or maybe even a full SCUBA set. Let me share some of my money savers on SCUBA gear with you. These simple tips can give you a better dive experience.

How to Help Saving The Reef - 10 Easy Ways

Coral reefs are amazing and they can be incredibly beautiful with countless colors. Unfortunately more and more reefs are being destroyed over the years and it goes fast! 10 easy ways to help saving the reef without changing your whole lifestyle.

5 SCUBA Dive Expressions to Act Like a Pro on Your Holiday

When you have booked a dive trip and you are preparing for the dive the pre-dive briefing from your dive guide might get you a bit confused when one of these expressions are used. Impress your buddies with these SCUBA expressions.

The 7 Best SCUBA Diving Destinations for Beginners!

Where to start your SCUBA diving adventure? Are you ready to soak up an amazing experience? The feeling of being weightless underwater, the numerous wildlife encounters, the amazing colors and the thrill of treasure hunting for a creature you have never seen before…

How to Compare Dive Destinations Effectively

Valuable information about dive destinations is often hard to get. Seasons, weather and time conditions and migrating marine life create changing circumstances. Your own dive experience is another influencer. With this list it is easy to start comparing information.

The Thrilled Experience of SCUBA Diving

It has something magical, relaxing and adventurous at the same time. It is a different world out there! Are you ready to soak up an amazing experience?

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