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The Thrilled Experience of SCUBA Diving

It has something magical, relaxing and adventurous at the same time. It is a different world out there! Are you ready to soak up an amazing experience?

The first few dives might be scary; you have to trust and learn how to use strange equipment, breathing underwater without surfacing and learning how to move efficiently while being totally submerged. There can be currents, surge, waves and all those creatures that move better and faster than you underwater... At some point there comes that click, the switch has turned, the tipping point: Now you are hooked!

It starts with building up experience, getting some dives under your belt. After a while you are dropping weights and using less air because you are using your lungs and body more efficient and you are less nervous. To move around, to go up and down not by swimming with your arms and legs but with efficient fin kicks. Your jacket (BCD) is not an elevator anymore, you are not holding (and using) the inflator constantly anymore or the hand of your buddy. Your jacket becomes a tool for streamlining hoses and equipment and it only used a few times for air inflation and deflation. Organizing and setting up your equipment becomes natural, it is autopilot. You are focused and in control, even when renting equipment that does not fit of work perfectly.

Snorkeling Guide to Marine Life in Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas
Paul Human

A field guide that illustrates the variety of fish, corals, invertebrates and plants you are most likely to encounter in less than 15 feet of water in the Caribbean.

Plus photographs that are suitable for identification purposes.

It is exhilarating to go diving at a new spot, to see it for yourself and discover the reef and fish at that specific place. Every dive the spot looks different due to weather conditions, season, position of the moon, migrating marine life and so on. Even diving at the exact same dive spot for a hundred times still has interesting parts, because you see different things and can learn more about the behavior of the 'locals'.

The Thrilled Experience of SCUBA Diving
Just dive... the way you like it. See it for yourself. Go deep and observe the wrecks or stay shallow and look at all the colorful Anemones and Anemone fishes. Take pictures or film your experience, stay at one coral block for half an hour or swim in the blue to search for sharks and barracudas.

The only thing we have to do is to be careful with the fragile marine life. Not to chase or disturb wildlife, not to touch/poke/grab anything and be careful not to damage it with equipment and clumsy movements. Be aware of your position in the water; do not swim close to the reef if you can not properly control your buoyancy yet or if you use an underwater camera for the first time.

Let us enjoy the beauty underwater and leave something for future generations!
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