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One of the first things you learn in diving and probably one of the first to forget, until you are on a birthday party and somebody asks you what SCUBA actually stands for...

What does the abbreviation SCUBA mean?

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The Complete DiverAlex Brylske Ph.D.

The History, Science and Practice of Scuba Diving


SCUBA is an abbreviation for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus! Meaning a tool to breath underwater fully self-supported, there is no air supply hose from the surface.

There are open and closed circuit SCUBA 'sets'. Open circuit means you use the air from your tank once and blow bubbles in the water by exhaling the gasses. Closed circuits (rebreathers) filter and reuse gasses in your tank. This leaves no bubbles. One of the benefits of a rebreather is that you can get really close to the fish because you make less noise underwater.
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