As a Dive Instructor who has been SCUBA diving (+1500 dives) and travelling (+50 countries) around the world for years I am sharing my personal opinion and comparable information about dive destinations and dive centers. Compare dive sites to your own interest and experience level and explore some great snorkeling and surface interval adventures.

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Top 5 Dive Spots of the Lesser Antilles!

If you are looking for great dive spots in the Caribbean - do not look any further. These five locations should be on your dive bucket list for the Lesser Antilles, the Eastern and Southern islands of the Caribbean!

Visiting the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology!

If you like history and diving, this is a must visit if you are in the Murcia area of Spain! The ARQVA or Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática offers treasures found underwater from up to 2500 years ago! From amulets of the Roman world to golden snuff boxes... explore it!

SCUBA Diving at Cala Cortina - Cartagena, Spain!

Cartagena is such an incredible historic city in Spain you probably schedule a visit when you are in the area. Close to the harbour, at a popular spot for locals in during the weekend, you can snorkel and dive with shoals of fish and look for small critters in the shallows.

The Mediterranean Sea at its Best: Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve!

Arguably this is one of the best dive areas of Europe, for sure the best of Spain. This spot has wrecks, deep drop offs, exciting underwater pinnacles and large quantities of fish and mammals including Mola Mola's. Islas Hormigas marine park, or the Cabo de Palos / La Manga area in Murcia, has it all.

Learn all about the Mediterranean Sea in Cabo de Palos!

The area around Cabo de Palos, the Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve is incredible below the surface. Close to the shore the bottom drops to more than 1 km / 3280 ft, creating an interesting sea bed. From shipwrecks to sea horse reproduction program, all is explained at the Visitor Center or Center of Interpretation of Cabo de Palos.

SCUBA Diving with Sea Lions in La Paz, Mexico!

If you are looking for cuteness overload, go snorkeling or SCUBA diving with sea lions! They are incredibly playful and curious like a puppy. In Mexico you can dive with them in warm water, no dry suit needed!

Diving the Jewel of the Sea of Cortez: Cabo Pulmo, Mexico!

If you are looking for a unique dive experience and are willing to go a bit off the beaten track you need to visit this hidden gem. It is no surprise marine biologists, oceanographers and film makers seem to come and go. The story is incredible and the diving is mind blowing.

Dive with Hammerhead Sharks at Gordo Banks, Mexico!

There are a few places in the world where you can go on a scheduled hammerhead shark dive. Along the West coast of Mexico you have several option to spot these magnificent creatures, with a day trip or liveaboard. Mission Hammerhead Sharks: ON!

Explore The Whale Museum of La Paz, Mexico!

Right in the South of the Baja California, where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet, whales, sharks and dolphins are often seen. La Paz, the capital of this area, even has a whale museum (Museo de la Ballena) to learn more about the giants of the sea. A must do for divers and snorkelers!

Advanced Dive Adventures around Cozumel, Mexico!

With countless dive sites, even separate dive areas and some impressive seasonal marine life creatures it might take a bit of planning when you are coming to Cozumel. When looking for the 'better' dive sites for experienced divers around Cozumel a few things became clear...

The Best Dive Sites for Experienced Divers around Isla Mujeres, Mexico!

Isla Mujeres might not be the most famous dive area in the Yucatan area, but there are some great dive sites around for sure! How about schools of fish or World War 2 wreck diving with some current and eagle rays?

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks around Isla Mujeres, Mexico!

How about swimming with a whale shark up close? Exciting? How about swimming with a few hundred?! It is possible in Mexico! The highest number of Whale sharks in the world can be spotted off the coast of Mexico.

Picturesque Cayo Arena and Stunning Unexplored Dive Sites in the Dominican Republic!

How about having a turquoise lagoon surrounded by a ring of corals teeming with marine life all to yourself? One of the three coral atolls of the Caribbean, one of the best dive areas in the Dominican Republic and for sure my favourite.

Off the Beaten Track Diving in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic!

Hidden close to the border of Haiti, along the North coast of the Dominican Republic, you will find a town without resorts, souvenirs or banana boats... Culture, nature and lots of history you can get - especially below the surface. From countless ship wrecks to endless coral banks, Monte Cristi has it all!

Searching for Seahorses in Sosua Bay, Dominican Republic!

Along the North Coast of the Dominican Republic you can find a beautiful coral reef and even cenotes (caves) to dive in. Sosua Bay is a hidden gem regarding reef life and corals and the community is working hard to keep it that way with their coral project. Of course I had to see this with my own eyes!

The Tower of Cabo Cabron in the Dominican Republic!

At the end of the Samana peninsula you will find a beach town called Las Galeras. From here you have access to most dramatic seascapes of the Dominican Republic. The highlight is The Tower or Piedra Bonita, an underwater pinnacle that drops down to 55 meters.

SCUBA diving around Bayahibe & Saona Island, Dominican Republic!

The Bayahibe area is known for the best diving on the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic. With wrecks, coral reefs and incredibly beautiful tropical islands it is worth a trip. Read all about our private trip to Saona, dolphins included!

Diving the Legendary Sec Pâté in Guadeloupe!

In the Les Saintes (Îles des Saintes) archipelago of Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean you can find a dive site beyond expectations. Sec Pâté is often mentioned as one of the best dive spots in the Lesser Antilles. Expect some deep diving, pumping currents and incredible marine life!

Diving in Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve in Dominica!

Dominica is often mentioned as one of the best dive spots in the Caribbean. Volcanic rock formations, pinnacles and walls full of corals and sponges create a dramatic reef. Find out more about two top spots: SCUBA diving at Scotts Head Drop Off & Soufriere Pinnacles!

Watching Whales and Dolphins in Dominica!

Dominica is THE hot spot in the Caribbean to watch whales. Sperm whales, pilot whales, false killer whales and even humpback whales can be spotted. You have a high chance of success year-round and it does not cost a fortune.

Volcanic Bubbles at Champagne Reef in Dominica!

Experience an unique SCUBA dive in golden champagne! Rich volcanic soil provides a wonder you can experience while snorkeling or SCUBA diving: BUBBLES, BUBBLES, BUBBLES!

The Wrecks and Turtles of Carlisle Bay, Barbados!

How about a relaxing day at the beach with some wrecks just off shore? Need more? How about a dozen of turtles on top of that? Read why snorkeling with turtles and exploring the wrecks of Carlisle Bay should be included in Barbados trip and how to organize it.

Diving the G-spot on Barbados!

Barbados is the most Eastern Caribbean island, known for an amazing number of wrecks and great visibility. What you might not know it that there are some beautiful coral reefs as well, with the G-spot as one of the highlights. It is called the G-spot for a reason!

Exploring Tobago's Speyside at high speed!

One dive, an incredibly strong current and the most beautiful Japanese Gardens ever! Get ready for a fast underwater adventure in Tobago and explore a different type of diving in the Caribbean!

Diving with Sharks and Turtles in Trinidad & Tobago!

With often strong tidal currents the nutrient rich dive sites Divers Dream and Divers Thirst are the most spectacular dive sites in the South of Tobago. Discover what is so special about these dive sites in the Caribbean!

Exploring The Best Dive Sites of Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean!

The north-western part of Curaçao offers the healthiest and dense coral cover, time to explore some of the best dive sites around here! Watamula by boat and Playa Kalki (Alice in Wonderland) by shore diving!

New Dive Experience: Fluorescent Night Diving on Bonaire!

Imagine yourself diving in a psychedelic rave party underwater. Searching for fluorescent critters and mind-blowing corals! UV night diving explained + simple photography tips.

Counting fish in the name of science on Bonaire!

There is an ongoing underwater monitoring project in the Dutch Caribbean which you can join. The only thing you need to do is count some fish! How cool!

Snorkeling in a Mangrove forest on Bonaire!

One of the things you have to do when you are on Bonaire is mangrove snorkeling. It is a perfect way to end your dive holiday. Kayak to a secluded bay to explore future marine life generations!

Watching the Ostracods glow on Bonaire!

A few days after full moon a phenomena happens underwater in the Caribbean Sea. This is something every SCUBA diver should experience ones in his life! Read more about Ostracods and how to organize this special dive!

SCUBA Dive for FREE & Help the Turtles on Bonaire!

Four times a year dive center Dive Friends Bonaire organizes an underwater clean-up and you can join them! It is FREE, it is FUN, you are helping the local ecosystem and you can even win sponsored prizes afterwards in a RAFFLE.

Getting the best out of SCUBA diving Bonaire!

Bonaire is often awarded as the best shore dive destination in the Caribbean, let me tell you why this really is Divers Paradise. Plus 10 Bonaire shore dive tips and 10 dive site recommendations to get the best out of your trip.

SCUBA Diving in the Florida Keys!

The Florida Keys offer a beautiful landscape of islands connected like a pearl necklace by a highway. The water is blue, the weather is hot and you will find at least 50 dive shops between Key Largo and Key West. Find out where to dive, what to see and how much it costs!

Muck Diving at the Blue Heron Bridge in Florida!

Searching for critters two weeks after Hurricane Matthew, with construction work and heavy rain carrying a surface buoy in surface current!

Cuddling with Manatees in Homosassa, Florida!

Imagine yourself swimming with sea cows! They are round, big and super sweet. The West Indian Manatee is the official name for the sea cows that swim around the Caribbean and Florida. The most amazing trip!

Kelp Forests and Lobster Diving in Malibu, California!

Sunny Malibu Beach, along the South Pacific highway and close to Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Hollywood, offers some very interesting diving! If you are on a holiday around here, try something different and go fun diving in a kelp forest!

Exploring New Dive Sites in Samoa!

Diving in Samoa, previously called Western Samoa, is quite unique. There are only a few dive centers in this small country in the South Pacific, there are no dive centers in American Samoa. How interesting is diving in Samoa compared to other countries in the South Pacific?

SS President Coolidge, The Largest Easy Accessibly Wreck in the World!

If you search for the best wrecks in the world, the SS President Coolidge is on the list! In the country Vanuatu, somewhere in the South Pacific, you can dive a huge WWII troop transport wreck and previous cruise ship!

Million Dollar Point, Diving in a Huge US Army Dump Yard in Vanuatu!

WRECKS, WRECKS, WRECKS! This incredible place is a dump yard with millions of dollars worth of goods from the US Army in clear South Pacific waters! World class wreck diving in Vanuatu, a country in the South Western Pacific!

The Ultimate Shark Encounter at Beqa Lagoon, Fiji!

Get your adrenaline pumping and dive with countless sharks without a cage in Fiji! See Bull sharks, Tiger sharks, Silvertips and many other shark species in one single dive! It is show time!

Diving Fiji: The Soft Coral Capital of the World!

Laying in the South Pacific with tropical waters and an amazing Polynesian culture - Fiji is a tropical paradise! Find out about diving Mellow Yellow in the famous Bligh Water after Cyclone Winston!

Dive Destination: Amed, Bali!

If you are looking for a more quiet place on Bali with awesome diving, the North - East coast is your spot! Amed is a developing town with a beautiful long coast line with bays of black sand beaches any many great dive spots.

SCUBA Diving at Nusa Penida and Manta Point, Bali!

Are you a certified diver and planning a holiday to Bali? Plan a trip to Nusa Penida and dive with manta rays and mola molas! Nusa Penida is an island South-East of Bali. The most famous dive spots here are Manta Point and Crystal Bay.

Diving the Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, Bali!

The Liberty Wreck, or the USAT Liberty, is probably one of the most visited wrecks in the world. It is beautifully overgrown with marine life, easy accessible (shore dive) and laying at shallow depth! And... there is more in Tulamben...

Diving Komodo National Park, Indonesia!

SCUBA diving around Komodo in Indonesia is on many divers wish list as it is known for world class diving. Should you go on a liveaboard or do day-trips here? What are the best dive sites? Dive center recommendation and more!

Awesome Muck Diving in Lembeh!

If you like to look for macro (the small stuff) underwater - go treasure hunting in the black lava sand of Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi, Indonesia! It is definitely world class muck diving here!

World Class Diving in Raja Ampat, Papua!

Where to start writing about one of the most beautiful places in the world? How to express the beauty and exclusivity of this paradise? It is incredible what you can see on a single dive, countless marine species, colorful fish and soft corals everywhere! WOW!

Discovering Richelieu Rock without a liveaboard, Thailand!

The best dive spot in Thailand is arguably Richelieu Rock which is accessible with a day trip. Explore what lies beneath at this incredible dive spot in the Surin National Park, just North of the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea.

Go SCUBA Diving at Koh Phi Phi, Thailand!

If you think Phi Phi is only about partying you are wrong. It is touristy and it can be packed with backpackers but nature is amazing, especially around Phi Phi Leh. Above and below you can find incredible rock formations with stunning cliffs that change in to an incredible seascape full of life.

The Best Dive Sites of Koh Lipe, Thailand!

Diving in the Andaman Sea is awesome! Koh Lipe is the Southernmost island of Thailand, offering over 20 different dive sites in the Tarutao National Marine Park and Butang archipelago. Rock formations with pelagic, impressive amounts of soft corals and macro, all is there for you to discover.

SCUBA Diving Hot Spot: Koh Tao, Thailand!

If you are looking for a great place to dive with a large diving community this is your island! Dive centers, dive guides and people doing various SCUBA diving courses and internships are all around. With a large variety of dive spots you can easily enjoy yourself for a holiday or stick around longer...

Sail Rock, The Best Dive Spot in the Gulf of Thailand!

Sail Rock is a huge underwater pinnacle with only the tip sticking out of the water. With currents swirling around the rock that drops down to 40 meters you can expect an explosion of marine life. This is my favourite dive spot in the Gulf of Thailand!

Sharks & Nudibranch at Koh Rong in Cambodia!

Have you ever heard of Bamboo and Coral Catsharks? You can find them around Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem Island as well as some incredible nudibranch species. Cambodia offers a different kind of diving in the Gulf of Thailand!

World Class SCUBA Diving around Sipadan, Malaysian Borneo!

Borneo has some of the worlds most amazing dive spots, filled with schools of fish, tiny colorful creaturs, sharks and so much more! One of those spots you have to see once in your life. Read about how to do it on a budget!

SCUBA diving in Pulau Payar Marine Park in Malaysia!

Laying in between the islands Langkawi and Penang on the North-Eastern side of the Malaysian peninsula you can find the Pulau Payar Marine Park. Soft corals, nudibranchs and many clown fish species around. The reef is amazing but the day trip was horrible in many ways.

SCUBA Diving around Puerto Galera and Verde Island in The Philippines!

The Philippines has an amazing number of SCUBA dive regions. If you are looking for a place close to Manilla the town Puerto Galera is a great option. This lovely local village is all about SCUBA diving and the dive spots are incredible!

Thresher Sharks & Mandarin Fish at Malapascua Island, The Philippines!

How about combining two bucket list creatures in one single day? At Malapascua you can dive with Thresher sharks around sunrise and Mandarin fish during sunset with another great reef dive in between!

Jack fish Tornados at Balicasag island in The Philippines!

SCUBA diving with countless Jack fish swirling around is like a National Geographic experience in real life. Often a huge group of Big eye Trevally (Caranx sexfasciatus) form a bait ball or tornado underwater at Balicasag island.

Muck diving in Dauin and exploring Apo Island in The Philippines!

From the thrill of treasure hunting for tiny creatures in the sand and rubbish to excellent coral reef diving with tons of fish. Combine those different types of SCUBA dive in Dumaguete, in the Visayas province of The Philippines.

Splendid House Reef and the Sarine run of Moalboal, The Philippines!

Amazing reefs, abundant marine life, dozens of dive sites and even shoals of sardines in the tropics! Explore the lovely dive town of Moalboal and SCUBA dive around Pescador Island.

SCUBA Diving in The Netherlands, on a Liveaboard!

Did you ever wonder what it is like to dive in 'cold' waters? Yes, it is cold and can be murky - but there's so much to see down there! Now here's something really adventurous: Staying on a liveaboard in The Netherlands!

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