SCUBA QUIZ: Do You Know Every Ocean?

SCUBA QUIZ: Do You Know Every Ocean?

71% of the earth is covered by water. There is only one global or world ocean, one connected body of salt water on our planet. Although there are various definitions and number of oceans depending on the criteria you use there are five major oceans. These oceans are further defined as seas, bays, gulfs and more.

Can you name the five official oceans of planet earth?

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The Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, Indian, and Southern or Antarctic ocean!

Some facts about these oceans:
  • The Atlantic is the saltiest ocean.
  • The Arctic ocean is covered with ice most of the year.
  • The Indian ocean is the warmest ocean.
  • The Pacific ocean is the largest ocean, covering nearly one third of the planet.
  • The Southern ocean has a great influence on the weather around the world.

How many oceans did you got right? Comment the number below!

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