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Diving with a Manta ray in La Paz, Mexico

Dive with Manta Rays in La Paz, Mexico

Explore the beautiful Baja California above and below with a marine biologist. Go diving (or snorkeling) with mantas!

From July to October marine biologist and PADI dive instructors Jay Gittens takes you diving (or snorkeling) with Manta rays!

Explore the beautiful Baja California above and below. It is about 1,5 hours by boat to La Reina, where the manta rays are. During this boat ride you can enjoy Espiritu Santo and Cerralvo, the desert and hopefully some stunning wildlife along the way.

La Reina is a small rock-structure sticking out of the sea. An island inhabited by California sea lions. Since June 2018 about a dozen of giant mantas have been identified and several of them have been tagged with satellite trackers and acoustic tags to tell us more about their behavior and migratory pathways.

Join Jay on a responsible trip to snorkel or scuba dive with these manta rays in Mexico!

Dive with Manta Rays in La Paz, Mexico

Manta Ray Trip Details

The day trip takes about 6 hours and includes:

  1. Snorkeling equipment
  2. Dive tanks and weights for SCUBA diving
  3. Ceviche and burritos lunch
  4. Refreshments
  5. Licensed boat with certified captain
  6. Certified marine biologist guide

Lunch will be enjoyed in Balandra Bay for lunch and on top of it all you can snorkel with sea lions at San Rafaeliti in the bay of La Paz. Jay uses the opportunity of each visit to La Reina to contribute to research by capturing suitable photographs that can be used to identify individuals. This helps answer questions about population dynamics, seasonal abundance and other useful information.

Please contact us for availability and prices.
Let us know: What date, how many people, snorkeling or SCUBA diving and if you need to rent SCUBA equipment.

Note: Manta rays are very common during the season but they are not guaranteed on every trip.




Marine Biologist Jay Gittens in La Paz

Meet marine biologist Jay Gittens

You have the opportunity to learn all about marine biology and conservation at a mind blowing location. Marine biologist Jay Gittens, a good friend of Marlies, will be leading the expedition. Since they worked together on various projects over the last few years promoting epic trips to the Baja California followed naturally.

Jay is born and raised in the UK, he has been living in Mexico since 2010. He is a marine biologist, MSc, and the founder & Project director of Whale Shark Diaries, dedicated to the protection of whale sharks through research, awareness and education. In the region he is well known for his marine conservation actions through various projects.

Jay conducts volunteer programs and internship with his organization Whale Shark Diaries. He has been teaching and guiding people about the important marine conservation work in the Baja California for years. Since 2016 he also organizes eco-tourism adventures around La Paz.

Jay is also a PADI dive instructor and owner of a dive center in La Paz.


If you need any help don't hesitate to contact us at or call via Skype: Dive O'Clock - Marlies (time zone in profile).