Do you think you know something about SCUBA diving?! Test your knowledge here and impress your friends!

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One of the first things you learn in diving and probably one of the first to forget, until you are on a birthday party and somebody asks you what SCUBA actually stands for...


When you are selecting your dive gear somebody might ask you what kind of BCD you want. To answer that question you need to know what a BCD is and where you use it for when SCUBA diving.


Do you have any clue what part of a SCUBA set the SPG is? Do you know what the abbreviation stands for and why you need one?

4 - SCUBA QUIZ: Weights!

The right amount of lead on your weight-belt is important to dive comfortably. You do not want to sink like a rock and use your air to compensate this. Struggling to go down or holding on to a rock during your safety stop might even be worse.

5 - SCUBA QUIZ: Identify these Sea Creatures!

Learn to identify more fish and other marine life! No need for scientific names here, just keep it simple. Fun and easy. Do you know the names of these four sea creatures?

6 - SCUBA QUIZ: SCUBA Beer Fine Rules!

All over the world dive instructors apply the beer fine law for common 'mistakes' made by new divers. Being penalized wih buying a beer (or chocolate, candy, etc) for your instructor is NOT a real punishment but it gives the SCUBA course a funny twist while learning new things. Beer fines are there for a reason!


Having your own SMB can be a life saver and they become more and more popular as a 'standard' piece of dive equipment. Nowadays it is part of learning how to dive with the most recreational dive organizations. In some countries it is even obliged by law that every diver has its own, like in the Maldives.

8 - SCUBA QUIZ: Dive Organizations!

There are over a hundred recreational SCUBA certification agencies around the world, some local and some global. Various course lengths, structures and prices can be found. There are even profit and non-profit dive agencies.

9 - SCUBA QUIZ: Oceans

71% of the earth is covered by water. There is only one global or world ocean, one connected body of salt water on our planet. Although there are various definitions and number of oceans depending on the criteria you use there are five major oceans. These oceans are further defined as seas, bays, gulfs and more.

10 - SCUBA QUIZ: Identify these Marine Life Species!

You think you know something about marine life? Test your knowledge and impress your dive buddies! Learn to identify more fish and other marine life. No need for scientific names, just keep it simple. Fun and easy!

11 - SCUBA QUIZ: Decomposition!

Trash in the ocean can take decades to breakdown in the ocean, can you give the right estimate in years? Test your SCUBA knowledge here.

12 - SCUBA QUIZ: Under Pressure!

Do you remember what exactly happens with the pressure while scuba diving? Guess the density and volume at different depths! Some basic physics of SCUBA diving. Test your SCUBA knowledge here.

13 - SCUBA QUIZ: The Coral Triangle!

Have you ever heard of the Coral Triangle? The Coral Triangle is often referred to as the Amazon underwater. Learn more about this beautiful region and test your SCUBA knowledge!

14 - SCUBA QUIZ: Wetsuit!

Have you ever wondered what wetsuit you need for a dive trip? There are some standards for SCUBA diving, although it depends on many factors. Learn more about selecting the right wetsuit and test your SCUBA knowledge!

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